Auto Accident Injury

Natural Healing for Auto Accident Injuries

If you drive a car, there’s always the risk of suffering from an auto accident injury. Even minor accidents can cause some sort of injury. Some injuries aren’t as apparent as others, but they can still cause devastating pain that lasts for weeks or months. Visiting a chiropractor from Appleview Chiropractic after an auto accident is a wise decision. Here you’ll get a diagnosis for nonobvious auto accident injuries.

woman injured in a car accident

Apparent vs Non-apparent Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can produce both apparent and non-apparent injuries. Some injuries like broken bones and lacerations can be detected almost immediately due to pain and bleeding. Other injuries are not so obvious and may not show symptoms until days or weeks later.

Whiplash is a common auto accident injury with a deceptively slow onset. Soft tissue injuries, spinal misalignment, herniated discs, shoulder pain, and inflammation are other injuries that may not be obvious at the time, but can have painful effects later on. That’s why it’s good to see a Burlington chiropractor as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to recover.

Chiropractic Treatment for Non-apparent Car Crash Injuries

At Appleview Chiropractic, we can diagnose and treat non-apparent auto injuries to facilitate your recovery. Our non-invasive techniques work with your body’s natural healing abilities to help you heal sooner. Chiropractic techniques like adjustments and spinal manipulation help relax muscle tension and realign joints that are impacted during an accident. Combined with massage therapy, physical therapy exercises and, other natural remedies, these techniques can be extremely successful in helping you recover. By eliminating pain and discomfort and restoring your mobility, chiropractic treatments enable you to live the lifestyle you enjoy most.

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