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Accidental injuries can turn a happy, productive life into one of pain and suffering. The natural treatments of Appleview Chiropractic can provide relief from pain so you can get back to your normal routine. Working with an experienced chiropractor in Burlington is key to getting the help you need. Through natural chiropractic techniques and therapies, you can get the most from your personal or auto accident injury treatment.

Our Dedicated Team

Dr. Andrew Adamski and our accomplished team from Appleview Chiropractic serve the Burlington area and surrounding communities. Our collective experience in chiropractic treatments makes us experts in our field. We know how debilitating muscular pain and tension can be. Through chiropractic therapies, you benefit from safe, non-invasive procedures to obtain relief. Our ultimate goal is to help you fully recover from painful injuries so you can go back to enjoying life to the full.

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What to Expect from Visiting a Chiropractor in Burlington

Your initial visit to Dr. Andrew Adamski and our team will entail a review of your health history and an evaluation of your condition. If you require personal injury or auto accident injury treatment, we’ll ask you to provide a detailed account of your accident to help us determine what kind of injuries you may have sustained. At Appleview Chiropractic, we also treat pain caused by medical conditions or daily living (poor posture, overexertion, obesity, etc.).

Chiropractic treatments can even help those who are looking for a natural means of improving their overall health and wellness. Our focus is pain relief, muscle strengthening, and restoration of mobility with the overall goal of full recovery from your injury. Chiropractic techniques work with your body to promote natural healing.

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Meet the Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Andrew Adamski

    Training and Education

    Dr Andrew grew up in Toronto and started his first office in Mississauga. He brings 15 yrs experience of owning and running his own successful office. He specializes in seeing Families, Mothers, Kids and Seniors . He is proficient in Activator instrument adjusting which uses a gentle and effective technique that is based on leg length analysis. He graduated from University of Waterloo in Science and went on to National College to complete his Chiropractic Degree in Chicago.

    Personal Approach

    Dr. Andrew believes in a holistic approach to better health, starting with the foundation of a healthy nervous system. His focus on better nutrition and living with the absence of medication is evident in his lifestyle both in and out of work. He values a healthy lifestyle where there is direction, purpose and inspiration towards better living.

    Dr. Andrew is a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and now lives in Burlington, Ontario with his family. He was originally raised in Toronto.

  • Amanda Hansford
    Chiropractic Health Assistant and Receptionist

    Amanda Hansford, Chiropractic Health Assistant and Receptionist, joined our team in May 2010.

    Amanda attended the University of Western Ontario where she completed her BA. From there, she pursued her passion in foods and nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She was then awarded her diploma in holistic nutrition and became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner.

    Amanda enjoys working with people in the chiropractic field especially at Appleview Chiropractic Clinic. In her free time creating new recipes and continuing her education in the nutrition field by taking
    distance courses.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Andy is very thorough, using the latest technics and equipment to provide immediate pain relief and corrective care. As well as flexible scheduling has made my road to recovery an easy and successful one."
    David R.
  • "Dr. Adamski was very professional and really helped my back pain and overall health!! 10/10 would recommend :)"
    Rachel M.
  • "After the information session I am more aware of my body posture for standing, sitting, walking and sleeping. I have taken away one pillow and try to sleep on my side. I had back pain during my four pregnancies, but a car accident 1.5 years ago gave me chronic back pain. I was always aware of it. Now with chiropractic care I have had relief and am more aware of exercise and better nutrition for weight loss that will also help my lower back. I realize that I have a choice in my recovery and that my actions make a difference along with treatment."
    S. C.

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